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A Courageous Action that Led to a Side Hustle

Alex Reed, an Associate here at The Garage Group, comes from a family full of entrepreneurs. She’s constantly pushing herself to try new things and explore new opportunities. She brings this spirit to work day-in and day-out as she pushes our clients to embrace new ideas and strategic opportunities.  Since she’s always watching trends, Alex […]

Culture, Courage, and Communication

Defining Culture Workplace culture is hard to define. All over LinkedIn, hiring managers warn interviewees not to ask broad questions like “how is your workplace culture?” If the goal is to get an idea of a “day in the life” at that organization, your questions should be more specific. Ask the hiring manager to illustrate… […]

Participatory Governance

Work Together To Transform Your Organization Change is hard. Transformation is even harder. But what stands in the way? Often, it’s a team’s lack of understanding what they do and don’t have decision-making authority over. These are the tensions that stop organizations from truly reaching breakthroughs. We know because we’ve lived it and often see […]

Learn more about our Associates

A Day in the Life of an Associate – Q&A Chi Pham How would you describe the culture at TGG? TGG’s culture is entrepreneurial, courageous and team-oriented. We are a team that celebrates courage and doing things differently. We have a growth mindset, take ownership and operate with urgency.   What does a day in the […]

Denise Nelson, TGG’s New Strategist, on Seeking and Remembering Your “Why”

As we face new challenges and levels of uncertainty, fresh perspectives and ideas are more valuable than ever. We’re so excited to welcome Denise Nelson to The Garage Group (virtually from Appleton, WI) as a Strategist, Lean Growth! She has spent the past 24 years leading innovation projects at Kimberly-Clark, and then building her own […]