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Entrepreneurial Leaders Grow Their Roles at The Garage Group

Our team is always striving to become better entrepreneurial leaders. We learn from books, podcasts, and most importantly, from our clients and TGG teammates. Recently, six of our team members were recognized for their tremendous growth and recognizable leadership, and were promoted to new roles: Sara Valasek from Director to Senior Director, Lean Growth, Sarah Shiffman […]

From Skeptic to Rolling the Dice: Embracing my Entrepreneurial Spirit

We’re excited to introduce our newest Director, Lean Growth, Heather Christman. Heather hails from a prolific higher-education background. She then led business development at PeopleFoundry, a startup focused on helping other startups recruit and retain top talent. She spent much of her time at PeopleFoundry interviewing VC’s and startup founders, developing incredible empathy for not […]

Intern Reflection: The Garage Group Has a Certain… Je Ne Sais (La) Croix

We’re already missing our courageous summer interns, Lizzie and Turner. They were absolute rockstars when it came to jumping right in to learn at The Garage Group. Guided by their curiosity, they dove head first into both client-facing and internal projects. They were quick to add value before, during, and after client sessions, taking on […]

Ben Arwine: Hustle with True Urgency

As we continue to grow and add courageous minds to our TGG team, we’re excited to welcome back Ben Arwine full-time! The first of many TGG interns from Miami back in 2015, he proved his ability to empathetically connect with consumers, giving clients confidence that they’re solving for true pain points. As a sequential thinker, […]

Rachel Van Fleet: Everything You Do Makes a Statement

We’ve grown a ton over the last few months. So much so that it was time to expand our marketing team! We’re so excited to have Rachel on full-time as an Associate Growth Hacker. She’s a creative and insightful problem solver with a proven ability to take big ambiguous ideas and turn them into action. […]