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TGG Leaders Share Their Standout Game Day Advertisements

In our recent Courageous Minds Only conversation with PepsiCo, RB and Lunna, we discussed how this year’s added environment of uncertainty left brands pondering greater philosophical questions like, “What’s our role in the consumer’s life in times of crisis? Is it to take a stand politically or socially? To simply make the consumer laugh? Something else?”

And, as always, The Super Bowl is a pivotal time of the year for brands to execute new advertising strategy, with heightened consumer buzz and anticipation around how brands are going to break out in innovative ways to engage a captive audience. But these added questions around a brand’s role in the life of a consumer were important questions for brands to consider if they were to show up this year in memorable ways.

Below, our team shares their favorite ads of this year’s Super Bowl, and offer their perspective on the wisdom behind these videos– and why the stand out.


Rocket Mortgage: Certain Is Better

“While I’m not in the market to buy a home, this ad definitely made me think about the future and the types of things I would need to do when I buy a home…while also providing a few good laughs along the way. That’s why this is my favorite – even though I’m not a consumer of the product, I still walked away from that commercial knowing exactly what RocketMortgage would help me do and how it would solve some of the challenges of owning a home. Also, their message of “certain is better” most likely resonated especially in a time like today where we’re looking for a little certainty in an uncertain time.” –Grace Cho, Strategist, Lean Growth


Oatly: Wow wow, no cow

“I know others may have had a different opinion, but I think the Oatly commercial was genius. It was quirky and odd, but so smart, and the point wasn’t just to be funny, it was to raise awareness and have impact. It was also unique in that it had nothing to do with “unity” or the pandemic or anything like that, which a lot of other commercials really focused on. There was an entire strategically built marketing campaign supporting it, ready to react when social channels were flooded with reactions. All with the end goal of courageously standing up for the environment.” – Monica Dabecco, Strategist, Lean Growth


Chipotle: Can A Burrito Change The World?

“I really appreciated the Chipotle ad. While the commercial didn’t take a bold stand or make any political statements like the ones that usually tug at my heartstrings, it was a good reminder that Chipotle’s business is in and of itself a bold stand with impact. Chipotle told the story of how the seemingly small decisions we make (like buying a burrito) can have an impact on people and the planet. I loved how they educated and reminded consumers that they go to great lengths to continue to live out their mission to provide ‘food with integrity’.” – Heather Christman, Senior Director, Lean Growth


How is your brand assessing their place in the consumer’s life during this time of uncertainty? At the Garage Group, we help BigCos tackle innovation challenges in ever-evolving consumer landscapers. Get in touch with us>>>

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