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2023 – A Year in Review

2023 has been a turbulent year for many businesses, filled with its share of twists and turns, challenges, and opportunities. As the year closes, TGG is reflecting on the biggest topics that caught our interest…

In Q1, we followed FounderMade, a future-forward conference with 75+ Founders, C-Level Executives, VPs and Directors from high growth D2C and CPG companies.

Check out our recap: https://www.thegaragegroup.com/foundermade-innovation-nyc2023/

In Q2, uncertainty increased. Rising costs, geopolitical tensions, and supply shortages contributed to a shift in consumer perception of “value”, directly impacting their buying behavior.

Our key takeaways: https://www.thegaragegroup.com/consumer-uncertainty-2023/

In Q3, we studied ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and the inherent tension between corporate mandates and consumer importance. 

Our 2 cents: https://www.thegaragegroup.com/esg-landscape-2023/

In Q4, we joined the rest of the business world in the study of Generative AI, and its impact on revolutionizing how we work and innovate.

What we learned from Board of Innovation’s Autonomous Innovation Summit: https://www.thegaragegroup.com/5-takeaways-from-the-autonomous-innovation-summit/

Throughout 2023, we doubled-down on our commitment to bringing new content to fuel our Courageous Minds Only community. We curated multiple conversations with courageous leaders navigating real-time market headwinds to drive transformation and growth. 

Our Courageous Minds Only January Recap: https://www.thegaragegroup.com/cmo-chicago-jan23/


Our Courageous Minds Only May Recap: https://www.thegaragegroup.com/courageous-minds-only-event-recap-may-2023/


Our Courageous Minds Only October Recap: https://www.thegaragegroup.com/courageousmindsonly-oct2023/


As 2023 comes to a close, we’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with you and your team! We look forward to even bolder challenges in 2024. 

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